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We’re digitally mapping your world wherever you are

Using the most advanced technology, developed and refined in-house, LuxCarta has been digitally mapping your world for over 3 decades.

Our experienced team is ready with qualified insights and advice to help you make the most of your digital mapping, no matter where in the world you need geospatial data.

Coverage & Geospatial Data

3D City Model of Sao Paulo by LuxCarta

Explore LuxCarta's 3D Sao Paulo model, optimized for 5G planning. AI-enhanced precision backed by a vast building database.

Coverage & Geospatial Data

3D City Model of Sydney for 5G Network Planning

Discover LuxCarta's detailed 3D city model of Sydney, Australia. Tailored for 5G wireless network planning and optimization. Mapping for telecom...

Coverage & Geospatial Data

3D City Model of Fortaleza by LuxCarta

Explore Luxcarta's precise 3D city model of Fortaleza, tailored for 5G rollout in Brazil. Dive into the future of connectivity with us.

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