Smart Cities


Digital Mapping for the Cities of Tomorrow

Used primarily by companies specializing in energy transformation, our Smart Cities product enables you to assess the photovoltaic potential of building roofs in an urban setting, as well as the sustainable electricity network of a given area.

Solar Mapping

LuxCarta’s geospatial products are designed for companies who specialize in ‘energy transformation’ and are used to compute solar roof maps (ie: solar cadastres), as well as assess the photovoltaic potential of building roofs over demarcated urban areas.

Developing sustainable electricity distribution networks

The solar mapping offering is designed for companies specialized in solar energy seeking to turn cities photovoltaic potential into concrete sustainable electricity distribution network. LuxCarta delivers from high-resolution satellite stereo pairs or aerial mapping, a complete set of layers along with a dedicated roof metadata database.

Complete set of layers delivered

Terrain model: ground elevation relative to the sea

Orthoimagery: restore the occluded areas correctly and automatically filled them with imageries of these areas

Surface model: ground and above ground elevation relative to the sea

3D buildings – LOD 1 or LOD 2 (levels of modelling details) produced from HR stereo satellite images and high-resolution aerial images

Dedicated roof metadata included for each individual building (ID)

LuxCarta produces dedicated roof metadata for each building located on the solar map ensuring the delivery of the most relevant one.

  • Height
  • Tilt
  • Azimuth
  • Area
  • AMSL : Measure of the above mean sea level
  • AGL : Measure of above ground level
  • Roof ID (for sided roof)

Second solar mapping delivery option

LuxCarta deliver a second solar mapping option designed to assess the photovoltaic potential by roofs over specific urban areas. Powered by HR satellite stereo (resolution 0.5 or 0.3m) and aerial imagery, sub-metric surface model is extracted and processed by dedicated tools. LuxCarta generates ortho-images that are complemented by the extraction of building footprints issued from LuxCarta deep-learning technology. The resulting solar map is the perfect solution to supply economic indicators for photovoltaic installation projects.

How do you want to map your world?

More than just providing a map, we tailor our digital maps to cater for your project, budget and timeline. Are you looking to expand your delivery of sustainable energy? Let’s talk.