Simulation and Training

Your Global Terrain Provider

LuxCarta creates correlated raw GIS data derived from medium and high-resolution satellite imagery for use in geospecific or geotypical runtime terrain databases.

Typical layers

  • DEM (DTM and DSM)
  • Land Use/Land Cover (LULC)
  • Orthoimagery
  • transportation and hydrography vectors
  • building features as 2D attributed footprints
  • 3D models of building to use as inputs for simulation.

S&T applications

  • Flight simulation – fixed wing and helicopter
  • Civilian and military
  • Artillery forward observer training simulator/call for fire
  • Combat and gunnery skills trainer (CGST) for vehicles
  • First person viewer/shooter

Terrain Delivery Formats

LuxCarta can deliver full virtual terrain databases in OpenFlight, Prepar3D and X-Plane. In addition, we can supply our data in formats such as FBX for immediate use in game engines such as Unreal and Unity. We deliver .shp and GeoTiff files to most customers, but can typically find an output format to meet customer requirements.

Technical Director at TerraSim, a BISim Company EARL LAAMANEN

Our partner LuxCarta provides us with cloud-free orthoimagery and land use/land cover at 10m resolution at scale. This is a tremendous advantage for Bohemia Interactive Simulations and our database production. In our Dagestan project it saved our team 20 per cent of production time and allowed us to meet the customer’s aggressive deadline. With the release of VBS4, and its Blue rendering engine, I see great potential for large-area synthetic environments using LuxCarta’s terrain that will have a shallow server resource footprint. As LuxCarta rolls out their global coverage we’ll have a partner able to rapidly deliver accurate environments anywhere.


Flight Simulator Terrain

Openflight databases or component GIS layers, including 3D buildings and/or footprints for customers to generate procedural buildings with geospecific locations inside 5 and 10 nautical miles.


Bohemia VBS3 and VBS4 Terrain Generation

LuxCarta’s LULC, with orthoimagery and DTM @10m has been used by Bohemia Interactive’s TerraSim to generate terrains. Read Bohemia Interactive Case Study


Why BrightEarth for Terrain Generation?

  • Continuous updates ensure imagery equals reality
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Created in the cloud; delivered via the cloud
  • 10m global landmass availability
  • Ease of use - download by geocell, region or the entire globe
  • Unparalleled accuracy, colour balancing and realism

BrightEarth – Ideal Solution for Accurate Terrain Generation

Our global seamless cloud-free mosaic and land use/land cover (LULC), along with a cloud-based service to deliver building footprints and tree polygons “on the fly” is the answer to “stale date” terrain. Terrain (specifically orthoimagery and LULC) can be delivered for anywhere in the world, in conjunction with building footprints, as needed for simulation training.


LuxCarta GIS layers can be integrated into Bohemia Interactive’s VBS3 & VBS4, Calytrix Titan and more.