RF Planning And Optimization

Computer monitor displaying a detailed RF planning tool with a color-coded urban mapping interface for geospatial telecom network analysis.

Digital GeoSpatial Maps to Simplify Accurate Planning

Whether it is planning 5G/LTE small cells in an urban environment or creating a nominal design to understand spectrum costs for a new technology overlay, LuxCarta has a product tailored to your needs and budget. We have focused on the wireless industry – in particular the needs of RF engineers –  for 30 years and our account managers understand your requirements. Our product offering includes:

  • Geodata for RF and microwave planning & optimization in simulation tools
  • Products designed for use with leading RF planning software — Forsk Atoll, InfoVista Planet, Teoco Asset, Ranplan Professional — and more
  • Pre-and post-sales support in your time zone

Digital Elevation Model

Bald Earth Digital Terrain Model (DTM) representing the ground surface only, with optional transportation features (bridges, overpasses, elevated highways)

Satellite image of a natural landscape with green forest areas and a body of water, showcasing detailed digital terrain modeling capabilities Topographical digital elevation model highlighting terrain undulations in vivid colors to indicate elevation gradients, useful for geospatial analysis.
Aerial orthoimage showing detailed cityscape with diverse urban features for geospatial analysis Geospatial clutter/land use map with standard classes, showing varied urban textures for planning and simulation.

Clutter / Land use

Standard classes include: sea, inland water, open land, forest/woodland, park, villages, buildings, building blocks, dense building blocks, residential, industrial and commercial, open in urban, dense urban, dense urban high

3D Buildings and Vegetation

Detailed 3D mapping for buildings, bridges, vegetation and terrain

High-angle aerial view of an urban area with detailed 3D rendering of buildings and roadways, highlighting the complexity of city infrastructures. 3D vectors digital map visualization emphasizing the detailed structures of buildings and the layout of an urban environment, including vegetation and bridges.
orthoimage-luxcarta sml2-1


High-resolution population and related population density maps to identify areas of high-traffic demand for expansion and densification of the network

30 Years of Experience Creating
Digital Maps Perfected for the Wireless Industry


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Head of Access Network Technology Telefónica Deutschland. MADS LETH-ESPENSEN

We are happy that LuxCarta has created a geodata solution delivering a close proximity to the environment for real wave propagation at 26 GHz which is actually needed for an accurate modeling of 5G networks used by Telefónica Germany for example for Fixed Wireless Access trials.