Mapping your world in 3D


Focused on Telecom Geodata

At LuxCarta we focus on the development and delivery of geospatial products used in RF planning simulation software such as Forsk’s Atoll, InfoVista’s Planet and Teoco’s Asset.


Global Scale

In addition to three decades of experience serving the needs of users across a broad range of industries, our global operations and sales infrastructure is geared to serve over 500 customers.


Geodata Production Enhanced by AI

Including automated building footprint extraction and other algorithmic approaches to digital map creation. Sizeable R&D investment in computer vision and AI to build toolsets that automate our production pipelines.


We develop geospatial products for the global Telecom, Simulation & Training and other industries.

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    Simulation & Training

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    Smart Cities


Wireless Industry

We have specialized in creating digital geodata for the wireless telecommunications industry since our inception. In that time, we’ve witnessed and supported our wireless operators as they deployed 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G NR networks.


Simulation & Training

LuxCarta has a long history in the creation and delivery of digital 3D geodata and worldwide land use/land cover for simulations used by customers in a series of applications. This data is ideal for training use in land and air simulators, as well as related image generators.


Smart Cities

LuxCarta’s Geospatial Products are designed for various industries including companies specialized in “Energy Transformation”, to compute solar roof maps (solar cadastre) and assess the photovoltaic potential by buildings roofs over specific urban areas.


How have companies like yours experienced LuxCarta ?

Head of Access Network Technology Telefónica Deutschland. Mads Leth-Espense

“We are happy that LuxCarta has created a geodata solution delivering a close proximity to the environment for real wave propagation at 26 GHz which is actually needed for an accurate modeling of 5G networks used by Telefónica Germany for example for Fixed Wireless Access trials.

Head of marketing and business strategy Samsung Networks Europe Daniel Borrás

“5G requires a new way to think about RF planning,” said Daniel Borrás, head of marketing and business strategy at Samsung Networks Europe. “This requires sophisticated 3D maps containing geometrical and morphological information of the surroundings to predict how the signals will behave. LuxCarta is very well positioned to provide this information.”


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