10 GIS Military Use Cases And Applications

Geographic information systems (GIS) are highly valuable to armed forces around the world. How are major armies, navies and air forces using them? We’ve highlighted 10 common GIS military use cases.

3D city models should be accessible to all. Here’s how to make that possible.

A 3D city model can provide enormous benefits to many different users. But creating detailed, realistic, and up-to-date 3D models is time-consuming and expensive. A faster way is needed.

LuxCarta at GEOINT 2023

LuxCarta will be attending GEOINT 2023 at America’s Center Convention Complex in St.Louis. We’ll be discussing the latest news about BrightEarth. If you are attending/exhibiting and would like to set up a meeting, please contact us at...

How to decide what ground resolution you need for your GIS mapping project 

Learn about ground resolution in GIS maps, what it means and how to use it. Read definitions of key terms, and examples of when you’d choose low, medium, or high resolution for your GIS maps.

Geospecific vs. geotypical terrain models – which do you need? 

If you’re creating training simulation environments, you can either create geo specific (representing a real place) or geo typical (a generic environment) terrain models. What is the difference?

LuxCarta Webinar Replay: Rapid VBS4 Terrains using BrightEarth

  Watch the webinar replay now   LuxCarta launched its BrightEarth viewer with a seamless global 10 m global mosaic based on Sentinel imagery. Fast-forward to August 2021 and LuxCarta’s BrightEarth platform now includes building footprint and tree polygon extraction...

Our research shows why 5G propagation models must include vegetation and trees

Trees and other vegetation seriously affect 5G propagation (transmission). Our study shows the effect of vegetation in path loss modeling, and why trees must be included for accurate models.

The digital divide is holding humanity back – geospatial mapping can help 

Billions of people still lack access to the internet. But telcos can start to close the digital divide by using advanced 3D maps to support RF planning in rural and remote areas. Learn how.

Thales and LuxCarta sign a partnership to offer artificial intelligence powered solutions for military cartography

Sophia Antipolis, France – February 23, 2023 – Thales and LuxCarta, a company specialized in the production of geospatial products derived from satellite imagery, join forces to offer artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced solutions for intelligence and military cartography....

mmWave 5G will disappoint without better planning

mmWave 5G promises incredibly fast wireless download speeds. But 5G networks will disappoint without reliable mmWave 5G coverage – and so improved planning of networks will be vital.