LuxCarta provides RF maps for Orange and Samsung with 5G mapping for FWA Trial in Romania

LuxCarta, the leading global RF maps geodata collaborated 5G mapping trials involving Orange Romania and Samsung in Romania.

LuxCarta, the leading global 5G mapping provider to the wireless ecosystem , announced today it is delivering its new specialized geodata to support simulation planning for 5G trials involving Orange Romania and Samsung in Romania. The company is providing its new 3D tree model digital maps, along with 3D buildings and related terrain & clutter designed for use with centimeter and millimeter wave (cmWave and mmWave) frequencies for the 5G customer trial.

“RF planning is required in every mobile network deployment so we know where to install our 5G base stations to provide the best possible quality of service to our customers,” said Benoit Badard, director of radio engineering and performance department at Orange. “Utilizing 5G in the centimetric band makes this exercise very different from what it used to be in previous technologies because it exploits much higher frequencies together with sophisticated beam forming. We now need to rely on more accurate analysis that requires 3D maps with a high level of detail.”

Many countries are considering cmWave (6 – 30 GHz) and mmWave frequencies (30 – 300 GHz) for their 5G networks. All of these frequencies can carry much higher amounts of data, but their propagation distance is dramatically shorter than frequencies historically used in digital wireless systems (i.e., 800 MHz to 2.4 GHz). In particular, cmWave and mmWave frequencies attenuate dramatically when they encounter obstructions, either manmade or natural.

“5G requires a new way to think about RF planning,” said Daniel Borrás, head of marketing and business strategy at Samsung Networks Europe. “This requires sophisticated 3D maps containing geometrical and morphological information of the surroundings to predict how the signals will behave. LuxCarta is very well positioned to provide this information.”

LuxCarta has been the RF maps leading provider of 3D building data to the wireless ecosystem for many years in support of 3D propagation modeling in dense urban areas employing 4G technologies. Its new 3D tree model provides a high-resolution vector or raster representation of individual trees that dramatically impact 5G propagation. The company anticipates growth in demand for its 3D geodata driven by 5G tests and eventual rollouts beyond the urban core into industrial, suburban and other populated areas.

“LuxCarta is pleased to support Samsung and Orange Romania in their 5G trials and we are confident our geodata will successfully simulate the trial area,” said Albéric Maumy, managing director of LuxCarta. “We worked very hard before the 5G standard was finalized to be ready for the market. By participating in many trials, we’re confident our new 3D tree model provides the critical accuracy required for modeling the precise propagation characteristics of mmWave frequencies for 5G.”

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