LuxCarta Webinar Replay: Rapid VBS4 Terrains using BrightEarth

Webinar showing how our BrightEarth platform works, with real-world examples from training simulation firm TerraSim.


Watch the webinar replay now

LuxCarta launched its BrightEarth viewer with a seamless global 10 m global mosaic based on Sentinel imagery. Fast-forward to August 2021 and LuxCarta’s BrightEarth platform now includes building footprint and tree polygon extraction (with or without heights), as well as 18-class LULC and DTM production for anywhere in the world, on the fly.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce and demonstrate the new geospatial layers available with BrightEarth. In conjunction with our partner, TerraSim – a Bohemia Interactive Simulations company, we’ll also show how BrightEarth provides an ideal globally consistent data source for a variety of VBS4 terrain generation workflows.


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