Category: RF Planning

Population density maps: Why RF planners need the highest resolution possible

A population density map is a vital tool for RF planners. However, traditional low-resolution PopMaps could cause serious problems for network rollout, densification, and upgrade plans today.

The need for a new 3D mesh building extraction method

We recently developed a novel, deep learning technique for 3D mesh building extraction. The process significantly speeds up the creation of accurate 3D maps of dense urban areas.

DSM, DTM, and DHM Elevation Mapping in Telecommunications: An Essential Tool for Success

Uncover the essence of elevation mapping in telecommunications. DSM, DTM, & DHM are crucial for precise network planning, overcoming signal obstacles, & ensuring robust connectivity in our hyper-connected world.

What is a digital surface model – and how can they be democratized?

A digital surface model (DSM) can be extremely useful for a variety of industries. Creating a DSM was traditionally resource-intensive, but new technologies are making them easier to build.

Telecommunication tower with 5G cellular network antenna on city

Digital twins for telecoms: what’s the potential?

A growing number of telecom firms are using digital twins as part of their network planning processes. How does this work, and what is the potential of digital twins in the telecom industry? Key takeaways: We’re seeing growing usage of digital twins in telecom planning Using...

Our research shows why 5G propagation models must include vegetation and trees

Trees and other vegetation seriously affect 5G propagation (transmission). Our study shows the effect of vegetation in path loss modeling, and why trees must be included for accurate models.

The digital divide is holding humanity back – geospatial mapping can help 

Billions of people still lack access to the internet. But telcos can start to close the digital divide by using advanced 3D maps to support RF planning in rural and remote areas. Learn how.

mmWave 5G will disappoint without better planning

mmWave 5G promises incredibly fast wireless download speeds. But 5G networks will disappoint without reliable mmWave 5G coverage – and so improved planning of networks will be vital.

Why RF planning needs better maps for 5G to succeed

Many telecom firms are rolling out 5G networks today, and their RF planning teams are choosing where to place cell towers. Learn why more advanced maps will be vital to make these plans a success.

Building footprints are transforming multiple industries – here’s how

Building footprints are polygons on maps which represent the outline of individual structures. These simple line drawings can provide invaluable information to multiple industries. Learn how.