Preview of our 3d city model of the city of Strasbourg, France. Custom-made for 5g network planning.

Luxcarta introduces the Strasbourg, France 3D City Model, a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize 5G RF planning in one of Europe’s most vibrant and historically rich cities. This model offers unparalleled accuracy and detail, essential for telecom operators navigating the unique urban landscape of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg: A Blend of Historical Charm and Modern Dynamics

Strasbourg, the capital city of the Grand Est region in France, is known for its captivating blend of historical architecture and contemporary urban development. With its iconic Gothic cathedral, picturesque old town, and modern European institutions, Strasbourg presents a diverse and complex environment for 5G network deployment.

Our 3D model meticulously captures this unique cityscape, providing a comprehensive tool for advanced telecom planning.

Key Features:

  • Detail and Accuracy: Our Strasbourg 3D city model is crafted with high precision, offering a detailed view of both the city’s historic landmarks and modern infrastructures.
  • Designed for 5G Planning: Tailored to meet the demands of 5G network deployment, this model aids in optimizing signal propagation and identifying key areas for infrastructure development.
  • Trusted Geospatial Expertise: Luxcarta’s reputation for geospatial accuracy ensures that your planning is based on the most reliable and up-to-date information.
  • Software Integration: Compatible with leading RF planning tools, ensuring easy integration into your existing workflow.

Benefits for the Telecom Industry:

  • Strategic Deployment: Navigate the intricate streets and diverse architecture of Strasbourg, ensuring effective and efficient 5G network deployment.
  • Resource Optimization: Reduce the need for extensive field surveys and expedite deployment with our comprehensive 3D model, saving both time and costs.
  • Competitive Advantage: Equip yourself with a cutting-edge tool that sets the stage for superior network performance and customer satisfaction in Strasbourg.

About Luxcarta

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