3D city model of Lyon, France preview for 5g RF Planning

Step into the future of 5G RF planning with LuxCarta’s unparalleled 3D city model of Lyon, France. Designed specifically for the telecom industry, our model offers an intricate and precise representation of Lyon’s urban landscape, ensuring optimal 5G network deployment and performance.

Why Choose LuxCarta’s 3D City Model for Lyon?

  • Geospatial Precision: With our expertise in developing geospatial products for global industries, our 3D model captures every nook and cranny of Lyon, ensuring accurate RF signal propagation analysis.
  • Tailored for 5G: Our model is optimized for 5G RF planning, taking into account the unique challenges and requirements of next-generation wireless networks.
  • Industry-Leading Quality: LuxCarta’s commitment to excellence ensures that our 3D city models are of the highest quality, providing telecom professionals with a reliable tool for their RF planning needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Our 3D city model is compatible with leading RF planning tools, ensuring a smooth workflow for telecom professionals.
  • Support for Global Telecom: While Lyon is in the spotlight, LuxCarta’s expertise spans across various global cities, ensuring consistent quality and support for telecom industries worldwide.
5G RF Planning 3D city model of Lyon, France

Elevate your 5G RF planning strategy with LuxCarta’s 3D city model of Lyon. Dive deep into the digital representation of Lyon and harness the power of precision and quality that only LuxCarta can offer.