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What is LiDAR mapping – and how can it be combined with other geospatial data?

LiDAR mapping is a powerful tool for creating detailed, 3D maps of the Earth’s surface. How does it work, what is it used for, and what are its limitations?

Leading businesses are increasingly using LULC maps – here’s why

Ever more businesses are using land use and land cover (LULC) maps to improve their processes, discover efficiencies, and save money. Find out how an LULC map can help your organization.   Key takeaways: LULC maps are used by a growing number of businesses in...

Why orthorectification is vital for real-world simulation and training environments

Orthorectification is vital for creating accurate maps of the planet’s surface. And it is vital when you are building simulation and training environments. Find out why.

LuxCarta speaking at NATO CA2X2 Forum in Rome, October 3-5

LuxCarta is proud to announce that our Head of Research, Yuliya Tarabalka, will be presenting at this year’s edition of the NATO CA2X2 Forum in Rome, October 3-5. The NATO CA2X2 (Computer Assisted Analysis, Exercise, Experimentation) Forum, organized by the...

Geospecific vs. geotypical terrain models – which do you need? 

If you’re creating training simulation environments, you can either create geo specific (representing a real place) or geo typical (a generic environment) terrain models. What is the difference?