3d city model of Fortaleza, Brazil for RF Planning, network deployment and planning.

As Brazil eagerly awaits the 5G revolution, the importance of meticulous planning cannot be overstated. With the country’s expansive size, burgeoning population, and rapid urbanization, the challenges are manifold. Luxcarta steps in to bridge this gap with its unparalleled 3D city model of Fortaleza.

Why Choose Luxcarta’s 3D City Model of Fortaleza?

  • Precision at its Best: Our 3D model captures the essence of Fortaleza, reflecting its unique architecture, topography, and urban landscape.
  • Tailored for 5G Rollout: With the imminent 5G deployment in Brazil, our model serves as an indispensable tool for mobile operators to strategize and optimize network deployment.
  • World’s Largest Building Database: Luxcarta boasts the world’s most extensive database of buildings across Brazil, ensuring that our 3D city models are second to none.