At LuxCarta, we’re proud to unveil our latest geospatial dataset: a very precise 3D city model of Brest, France. This model stands as our commitment to providing the telecom industry with unparalleled geospatial solutions.

3D City Model of Brest, France

Project Background

Recently, we embarked on an ambitious project for a leading telecom operator in France. The objective? To plan and optimize their 5G wireless network across multiple cities, including the iconic Paris. Our 3D city models played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless rollout of this next-generation network.

Why Brest?

Brest, with its unique topography and urban landscape, presented a challenge that we were eager to tackle. Our 3D model of the city captures every nook and cranny, ensuring that telecom operators have the detailed insights they need to optimize their networks.

Features of Our 3D City Model

  • High-Resolution Details: From towering buildings to winding streets, our model captures Brest in all its glory.
  • Optimized for 5G: Designed with the future in mind, our model provides the precision required for 5G network planning.
  • AI-Enhanced Production: Leveraging the power of AI, we’ve automated building footprint extraction and other critical processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Mapping Your World in 3D

At LuxCarta, we specialize in creating digital geodata for the wireless telecommunications industry. With the advent of 5G, our services have become even more crucial. From 2G to 5G NR networks, we’ve been at the forefront, supporting wireless operators in their quest for excellence.

Join us in our journey to map the world in 3D. Discover how our geospatial products, including the 3D city model of Brest, can revolutionize your network planning and optimization efforts.