Luxcarta in video

High resolution 3D city model of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

High resolution 3D city model of Bangalore, India.

Source imagery for this auto-textured model was acquired using the DigitalGlobe WorldView-1 satellite.

Demonstration of LuxCarta’s auto-generated global land use / land cover derived from seamless and cloud-free 10m Sentinel-2 imagery.

Regions shown: California, Afghanistan and Austria

LuxCarta focuses on the creation and delivery of geospatial products for the global telecom market.

We have been serving the needs of the telecom ecosystem for over 20 years and have invested substantial R&D resources to meet the challenges posed by 5G rollouts. Our customers are supported by skilled geospatial experts in their time zone through five corporate offices around the world.

High resolution 3D maps including 3D tree models for 5G planning.

How to create a 3D SpacEyes RF Vision project from Atoll planning tool in less than 5minutes

Synthetic Terrain Generation based on AI

In order to improve the generation of synthetic environments, LuxCarta has developed an automatic enrichment process of its 3D data by intelligent texturing and geometric augmentation that relies on artificial intelligence and procedural shape grammars. Roof shapes and colors are extracted by AI and the generated textures support physically based rendering. The generated data can be delivered in 3D formats such as FBX, OBJ, 3DS, DAE but also in streaming OGC formats like 3D tiles or I3S, allowing for the use of large data sets. Check out the video at this link which shows the synthetic environment in Antibes, in LuxCarta’s “back yard” in the south of France. This R&D project has been made possible with the help of CNES and the French government as part of its France Relance plan. This technology enhances our automatic pipeline of 3D data generation from satellite imagery and data fusion.

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Head of Access Network Technology Telefónica Deutschland. MADS LETH-ESPENSEN

We are happy that LuxCarta has created a geodata solution delivering a close proximity to the environment for real wave propagation at 26 GHz which is actually needed for an accurate modeling of 5G networks used by Telefónica Germany for example for Fixed Wireless Access trials.